Porkbusters: What’s the point?

How about $45 less debt for every man, woman, and child in the country?  That's 13 billion dollars of pork cut out… for no other reason than individual citizens getting off their butts and holding politicians' feet to the fire

And, supporting the folks who think like we do.

Not bad, Captain Ed.

Hat Tip: Puppy Blender


More hypocrisy from so-called “Catholic Intellectuals”

Meet Benjamin Wiker, a man whose understanding far outstrips his ability to muster an honest argument.

Mr. Wiker has a nice little screed entitled Benedict Contra Nietzsche: A Reflection on Deus Caritas Est, in Crisis Magazine. He starts out well. It doesn't take a genius to see that some intellectuals who are not Papal Monarchists could use Deus Caritas Est (hereinafter DCE) as an excuse to grind their favorite axe, that being whether or not that axe applies.

For instance, Mr. Wiker is absolutely justified in pointing out that Bishop Francis Deniau is probably talking out of his butt if he regards this as a wink-and-a-nod towards softening the Papacy's position on contraception. Now, whether or not the Papal Monarchy has the grounds to tell us anything about contraception, as Deniau would probably argue against, is one thing, and as an obvious PM supporter, Mr. Wiker can argue that the Pope is entitled to regulate our dental floss, for all I care.

Because Mr. Wiker is so focused on demonstrating his position's moral superiority to that of the liberal Bishop, and using Nietzsche as his straw-man whipping boy in the process, that he badly distorts the Encyclical in the process.  Yeah, put words in the Pope's mouth, buddy.  Knock yourself out.


I may have a little temper problem.

But I'm working on it.

Sometimes, you just have to whip asshats out of the temple.

To which The Bunny replies "yes, but that's not what you do.  You whip them out of the temple, tie them to a post with their hair, and then whip them until they're nothing but bloody chunks and scream in their faces while spitting."

To which The Lizard Queen corrected, "yes, but then you take the bloody chunks, put on CRAMPONS, and dance on them."


Speculist seriously needs to fix its comments.

Or else maybe leave an email address where he can be notified of problems.  What's the point of doing a kick-ass blog, with equally kick-ass posts, if all you can do is read it?  Very frustrating, and a continual problem.

Well, I’m not entirely certain this theme does it…

It's so hard.  Tasteful and stuffy, or freaky and weird?

 Some of my posts are perfectly fit for the Academy of Sciences.  Others, for a rubber-walled room.  Well, I'll figure it out.

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