Eww Ick Ack Put-t-t-t-t! (Dallas water again)

Just stopped by the water fountain. Ewww. The algae’s turned over on the bottom of the lakes again. Happens every year, long about August, when every fountain in downtown Dallas starts tasting like ass for three weeks. It’s supposed to have stopped by now and gone back to (relatively) decent-tasting water. For this to be going on in late December is just another mark of what a tinderbox the region is lately.

Rain rain, come our way….


60-car pileup in Hungary on the M1

It’s not just Austria getting pounded in that snowstorm.

The Dallas Rooftop Society

I don’t know what else to call it, but in the coming year, I intend to start canvassing the radio and media guys to see what can be done about this:

See that? Isn’t that just ass-ugly? It’s worse than that, actually. From the 51st floor downtown where I used to work, I could see Ft. Worth on a clear day… but if I looked North-by-Northwest, all I saw was thousands of acres of warehouse roofs. Bare. Soaking up rain and sun damage, and worst of all, turning into a giant heat-collector during the summertime, superheating the air all around it. What happens then? You get a giant high-pressure bubble that doesn’t let in an ounce of wind, and seals in the heat and pollution on top of a million-plus people just aching for relief on a 90-plus day that can easily get up to 110 in the parking lot or during one of the harder droughts.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Sure, North Texas is hot, but not that hot. We’re all a bunch of pansies compared to what the Arizonans go through. But that heat bubble kills us each and every summer, turning what ought to be damned near a paradise into a months-long scurry from AC unit to AC unit, like roaches fleeing from the kitchen light.

And the solution is technically simple, but fiscally and legally complicated: find a way to convince the building-management firms that it’s legally safe and financially in their best interest to put plants up on the roofs. They don’t have to be big, and it’s better if they weren’t… bushy crepe myrtles and hybrid native roses (you know, the plants that even God can’t kill?) would do just fine. And you wouldn’t have to do the whole city to get an effect, either: it’s the warehouse district that sits right in the path of the winds that ought to be coming through Dallas… break the edge of the heat bubble, especially in conjunction with the Trinity River Project, and it would break up into smaller, more easily-manageable areas to green up, since much of the rest of town actually has some green to speak of.

And then, summertime would have an actual breeze now and then, and with twice-a-year crepe myrtle and rose blooms, would go from being an overheated eyesore, to something you could actually put on a postcard and write home about.

Awww, Lynndie England got burned in the kitchen…

she’d better watch it, or else she’s gonna fall down some stairs a few times, too.
(Schadenfreude: enabled.)

Sometimes even an asshole is right.

Sure, Evo Morales won’t allow coca eradication. But let’s not count that among his numerous other faults… you try making daily or semi-daily 5,000-foot altitude changes without a cheap antidote to altitude sickness, and see where it gets you.

Do FARC and the cocaine gangs suck? Yes. Are drug dealers high on tons of profit from pushing their poison? Of course they are: nobody would ever set up a glue-sniffing cartel.. w/o money, the stupidity overwhelms the supposed glamor.

Is any of that the fault of some shit-poor shepherd on the mountainside? Not hardly…

Look, you don’t mess with the bus driver…

Especially not when the bus crew happens to be an airplane. Getting dropped off on a desert island may or may not be more than he deserves… but it should prove some mighty fine deterrent value… let’s hear it for common courtesy and not being thrown out the tail end of the airplane by a harried flight attendant at 30,000 feet…

While everybody laughs at the kid who went to Iraq…

I gotta admit, I admire the bastard. Why am I calling him a bastard if I admire him? Well, because you just don’t do that to your folks. And because it helps to bring a phrasebook when you go to another country. With Lebanese family friends, he should have caught that very large clue…

Otherwise, the kid put his money (and potentially his balls, given the threat of kidnapping) where his mouth was, and went to take a look. More power to him.

Sometimes even a libertarian has to love socialist policies

… for example, paying women to have kids. Why not? The government-caused economic and social malaise of Central and Eastern Europe is well-known to have held down the birth rate in the region to soon-to-be-collapse levels. Now, as Technogypsy puts it, “the plural of anecdote is not evidence,” but my four years living in Central Europe showed me an entire generation of women who were literally scared off of having kids, because they were certain that they couldn’t afford to raise them… which made sense, since most of them were on a none-too-solid financial footing themselves.

It’s like that dippy song…do you believe that children are the future? Well, you’d better, unless your vision of the future is grey, arthritic…. and LONELY.

Squirrel Tsar? No, not Foamy.

Apparently Scotland’s cute red cows aren’t that unique… cute red squirrels are endangered by their mob of grey cousins…

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