Boeing whups up on Airbus

Great big sale to Qantas.

The article is almost obsequious to the journalistic principal of “write for balance,” but here’s the reason I like Boeing:

1. Sure, Airbus has a point, that the hub system is going to stay in place. But that’s because the hubs are great big cities where people still want to go, and because politically, the other airports aren’t going to change much. DFW to Chicago will always be a big-time route, because lots of Chicagoans like to visit Dallas, and vice versa.

2. Boeing has whupped on so badly on Airbus, because while Airbus, in typical Euro fashion, has focused on airport structure and political planning, aka, the centralised game, Boeing actually paid attention to its customers. Their customers are the airlines, not the government-run/overseen airports. And the airlines know that point-to-point travel is what’s going to make them a profit. Why is it going to make them a profit? Because if I have to go from Little Rock to Manhattan, KS, why the HELL would I want to drive there via Dallas or Cincinnati? Price being price, most people want to actually go where they’re going.

Kudos to Boeing for figuring that out.


The Ukrainian Counterpunch

Ouch. Just ouch.
Ukraine’s response to Moscow deciding to fuck them over in the dead of winter by cutting off gas supplies (the linked article misstates the issue: it’s not just a rate hike, it’s “eat this rate hike, immediately, or we freeze your poor to death.”) by threatening to give the US a radar base in Sevastopol, as well as completely dicking over an important segment of the nuclear arsenal that is Moscow’s remaining military clout worth talking about. (And word on the street is that a lot of their domestic nuke arsenal is poorly-maintained to begin with, though that may have changed now that the Kremlin is flush with gas money).

Letting NATO come into Sevastopol has got to be the Russians’ worst geopolitical nightmare, as it effectively seals them out of the Black Sea for eternity and would give us a point-blank view on everything happening within Post-Soviet airspace.

No question about it: this week, the gloves have finally come off.

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