Southern Fried Tookie!

Oh, wait, that was Ted Bundy. Hrm… this would be a California Crip Roll with Tookie sauce?
Or, hold on, California does lethal injection… Tookie Smack. Oddly appropriate…

Not that it would particularly mess up my day if the Dorkinator had decided to go for clemency. Ahnold blows with the wind so much lately that it really was anybody’s guess. BUT…

I heard Tookie speak. I read Tookie’s words.
I’ve known ex-cons. Guys who did really hard time, and have forgotten how to eat with anything but a spoon.

Tookie’s words were bullshit.
So… Fry him. Or, dye him. Whatever. Only thing I’m not going to do is cry for him.


Now *that’s* a big shotgun.

Strategy Page says that our M1 boys have finally gotten their new shotgun round, with 1100 10-mil shot per shell.

That’s just rude. Next thing we know they’re going to start duckbilling the things…

This just in: Baby Boomers still full of themselves.

Yahoo News has this in-depth report. In other news, vertebrates continue to be found in possession of odd disk-like structures implanted in their bodies in a unique columnar arrangement.

Weird html quirk

Re-did my links to the right, in order to try to get them a tad more organized, and to add a few folks on.

Any idea why “Longsuffering Wife” appears less bold than “Blog Buddies,” etc.? The coding appears to be the same, except insofar as every subthematic heading following a major heading appears in grey-out text, rather than black…

Granted, The Bunny is home ill today, so she probably feels grey, but that’s not the intent…

Merry Christmas, Kaffir.

I don’t usually post on the weekend, so for some folks this may be stale, but apparently there is an organization in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama, which has pledged to protect Christian Churches during Christmas.

Muslim-Christian-relations is not my specialty, but insofar as I am aware, this is literally unprecedented. In Al-Andalus, the Muslims fought bitterly, oppressing Christian and Jew alike, and incidents of cooperation were generally by and for the nobles, or because a conquering power had a better reason to leave a city generally intact.

In the middle east, any actual defense of the dhimmi was always a direct act of the Caliph/Sultan/ruling power.

In the Turkic world, religious tolerance was the norm, primarily because, well, that’s just the way the steppe is. But that tolerance, with the notable exception of Tamerlane, was partially a matter of general lifestyle, and partially due to said tolerance being viciously enforced by the bosses on top, who wanted no disruptions or potential threats to them.

For a muslim ruler to decide to protect a population is no big deal. It’s happened before (though definitions of “protect” differ widely, as any Copt can tell you). For such a decision to come from a muslim organization… a.k.a., from the bottom up, indicates profound — and beneficial — currents moving through at least part of the Umma. Because classical Islam is simply not a “bottom up” kind of religion, but a typical “priest-king” affair, where the Caliph takes on theological airs by definition not available to Joe Faithful (look at Ahmedinejad’s latest posturing for an example).

History is a complicated matter that defies simple storylines… be that as it may, Big Things(tm) are afoot.

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