In other news, San Francisco has lost its mind again. Film at 11.

This time, it’s mandatory handgun confiscation, and the complete ban of military recruiters from high schools. Went through like gangbusters, too — the votes weren’t even close.

The recruiter bit is pathetic, but expected: the city’s full of adolescent hypocrites who will hopefully never learn from their mistakes, since the only thing that might get it through it to them would be a North Korean or Chi-Com nuke. Not that they actually had the balls to really ban them… according to the article cited, it’s a nonbinding resolution intended to “send a message.” Typical.

The handgun bit is much the same, though one might have thought that with more armed liberals speaking up out there, it could be avoided. And we all know that the residents of Thuglet Central Daly City are perfect neighbors, and that nobody *ever* steals or acts like a social predator in The City….

So, let me get this straight. The citizens of San Francisco have officially voted to make everything in-between the 80/280 interchange and the Golden Gate Bridge a City-Mandated Victim Zone?


Light blogging from now to Thanksgiving

I’m being ridden hard and hung up wet at work, and it’s about to go into really high gear prior to The Bunny and I taking vacation to see her family in Budapest next week. (Where, after years, I may actually get some armory access. And where The Bunny’s Dad will do his damndest to make me gain ten pounds. Man that guy can cook, and all of it would kill a PETA member on contact…)

Foot Fungus, in space…

Well, sort of.

Frankly, this is exciting, and opens up all kinds of possibilities for terraforming/areoforming, due to its potential for binding the Martian soil.

A Steel Curtain has fallen….

Bill Roggio over at Fourth Rail reports that Operation Steel Curtain is stacking them up at Husaybah and the Syrian border.

Intifada vs. Disenfranceizement

So, what are we looking at, here? What’s going on in France, and in what’s spread elsewhere?

In Germany, so far night-time torchings are fairly sporadic.
In small-town France, the attacks are creating immense damage.
Belgium may go “game on.”

Is it the rioting of the hopelessly disenfranchised, or the beginning of formally rebellion against French civil authority? Imho, it’s both, though more of the latter. Every uprising of this sort has always employed “grievance air cover,” and I think that those who are involved out of legitimate grievance are being used as patsies by the sorts of folks who were skirmishing with the cops using shotguns and running the petrol-bomb factory that was discovered yesterday.

The blogosphere is divided:

  • Mark Steyn (the “Eurabian” Civil War thesis)
  • No Pasaran!, (uprisings are actually an islamist pogrom)
  • Clive Davis, (openly skeptical regarding the Intifada Thesis, but keeping an open mind)
  • Brussels Journal (Intifada) is taking heavy fire on the blogosphere from the disenfranchisement crowd, but contains credible links.

–good set of links to chew on here at Mr. Davis’ site, especially since he’s good enough to link up the opposing point of view (which, imho, blows his own thesis right out of the water, but I could be biased).

  • WSJ editorial page, which is addressing the issue from the perspective of finally getting to say “I told you so” to the general French condescension towards how Americans run things.
  • The Belmont Club’s graphic depiction of the “Car-B-Q” (credit given in article) smashes MSM credibility about the riots calming down.
  • Yahoo News pulls off the wires to report emergency curfews going into effect tonight.

So… what’s actually going on?

UPDATE: Oxblog (which is actually on the ground in Paris now) suggests that, no matter precisely what’s occurring, it’s clear that the rioters do not enjoy overwhelming support in the cites.

UPDATE2: A letter forwarded via The Anchoress refers to the great number of churches burned, and suggests that a serious backlash may slowly be buildling amongst the seething “regular Joes.”

Well, gee, ain’t I been political lately.

New link at right: Parkour Worldwide Free-Running.

Or, how to have a security guard go to bust you and your Delaware friend while you’re running up and down stairs, because he thinks you’re skateboarding…

Paris is burning.

Just in case any of y’all have been taking a news vacation, here’s the latest. (In french)

Hundreds of vehicles burned.
Scores of buses.
Numerous stores and buildings.
Policemen and firefighters shot at.
Similar riots touching off in the Netherlands and Denmark (perhaps Belgium, reports are spotty). Frustrated, wildly outmanned French cops call it “civil war“:

“There’s a civil war underway in Clichy-Sous-Bois at the moment,” Michel Thooris, an official of police trade union Action Police CFTC, said .
“We can no longer withstand this situation on our own. My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical or theoretical training for street fighting,” he said.

It’s like New Orleans, but for real this time. And of course, the mainstream press isn’t reporting a third of it, and European presses are saying “riots? What riots?” If this spreads to Germany the way it has to the Netherlands and Denmark, the Official Eurabian Intifada will be Game On.
Excuse the schadenfreude, but isn’t this what Paris was doing four hours before the Nazis rolled into the Champs Elysee? Let’s say it again, for everybody who’s history-challenged: appeasement and “understanding the bad guys’ griefs” isn’t a sign of a superior moral development. It’s cowardice. It’s talking nice to the mean doggie in the hopes that said uncouth mangey pooch will bite somebody else.

Well, guess what? A rabid dog can smell fear. You don’t give it extra space or excuses, because all it does is keep eating you while you’re talking. You Put.It.Down. Hard. So hard the sound of its bones bouncing scares the other rabid dogs into sitting quietly in the corner thinking. “Sit. Fetch. Stay. Biscuit.”

Sarkozy wants to Put.This.Down.
Chirac and Villepen (hack, spit) are in full “bend over while waving the white flag” mode.
And Le Pen got almost a fifth of the vote last round of elections. Maybe the French *need* a few years being ruled by fascists in order to get that pendulum swinging in a direction that’s not permanently pointed at “madness?”

UPDATE: While I was sleeping, it also apparently has spread to Marseilles and Dijon.
Brussels Journal picks up quotes suggesting that this is becoming a Europe-wide phenomena whenever the number of muslims breaks past a certain density.

The most realistic piece of bullshit propaganda…

If you weren’t just ready to puke at the pap being broadcast in this lovely Biblical tale of a young man who discovers his identity and decides to go to war to conquer his peoples’ enemies in the Holy Land…. oops, wait a minute, this isn’t the story of David after all, but some Palestinian kid who finds god while his voiceless mother does whatever voiceless women do in Islamic Arabia, not that I’d know: being kaffir*, they mostly don’t talk to lil’ ol’ me**….

Oh yeah. After all this setup getting himself into the Intifada after the strangely Nazi-like Israeli troops kill his parents and brother for no apparent reason, half a dozen guys with automatic weapons and grenades go on “a very difficult and dangerous mission,” and, from a nearly perfect ambush position, get their asses killed taking down two deuce-and-a-half trucks and a Korean-war-era Jeep. Except of course, for the great-hero recruiter, who is nowhere to be seen amongst the bodies, and will reappear in next week’s turgid episode, recruiting some other poor gullible kid to get killed supporting him in his quest to destroy the Israelis by doing something unspeakable to a goat. And the only reason they manage to take out the bad guy is because his driver somehow manages to violate the laws of physics and hurl his jeep backwards in time and space so that it lands upside down. My old paintball team could do better equipped with nothing but deer rifles.

At which point the next stupid kid picks up the bloody rag and walks off with it into a bleak sunsetted future (oddly appropriate). It’s priceless, all the way through: aggrievement, the setup, the recruitment, the complete failure to achieve anything meaningful except to die, and the glorification of futile death by those who would serve as witnesses.

It’s like Hamas’ version of a Bud Lite commercial, with two camps of forebrain-enabled fans yelling: Fucking stupid! Hopelessly incompetent! Fucking stupid! Hopelessly incompetent!

And yes, these are the same people who invited Al Quaeda to finance their little RPG-armageddon disco-dance number in the Gaza Strip, and are now getting scared because the dipshits among them are abandoning Hamas entirely for being “too soft.” Yeah, Hamas, that’ll help you win against the PA in the upcoming bloodbath civil war.

(Hat Tip: Winds of Change, Thursday Winds of War.)

* Actually, Ayatollah Al-Sistani is on the record as saying that he’s unsure whether or not Christians are kaffir, but that it’s probably best to avoid them anyway.
** I have had some truly wonderful conversations with highly devout Iranian, Turkish, Central Asian and South Asian women. Not once have I been able to so much as get directions to an ATM while literally soaked to the skin in the freezing rain out of an obviously devout Arab lady. WTF?? Are Arab women really so weak that they can’t tolerate *syllables* from males outside of their family?

The Superiority of our Civilization

Not in squishy moral terms for debating among the moonbats. No, I mean true, raw power… radical Islam chooses to attempt the Caliphate with the weapons of its enemies (since they are not capable of developing any technology more recent than WWI without foreign assistance)… and the West’s response?

Develop the technology that forces them to either play on a level playing field (thus getting their asses kicked), or else quit the game.

It’s official (sort of): Video Games make you smarter.

At least, for some definitions of smarter:

‘Players can process visual information more quickly and can track 30% more objects than nonplayers,” says Daphne Bavelier, associate professor of brain and cognitive sciences, and member of the Center for Visual Science ‘Several game players even achieved perfect scores on tests barely doable for non-game players.’

I don’t know about you, but that sounds perfectly reasonable to me… I also know a certain martial artist who has a hell of a time trying to process the visual data she would need to actually defend herself… maybe I should sit her down in front of Medieval Total War and see if she can win the battle of Stirling Bridge…

The space race is back on.

(Via SpaceDaily), the Russians and Chinese are going to cooperate for both Mars and Moon-shots.

This means it’s hot again, folks, since the Chinese have a known desire to weaponize space and try to take away the US’ high ground.

Now, if only we can get an elevator or five going….

Hungarians jump ahead in bird-flu vaccine

Lateline has an interview. (Hat tip, GatewayPundit)

Apparently good enough that they inoculated themselves in the process…

If you weren’t convinced that American Politics is messed up…

How’s this piece, lauding Hagel’s chances for ’08 on the grounds that he’s a centrist?

That’s right. A centrist. That’s how far left the Democratic Party has actually moved.

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