The most realistic piece of bullshit propaganda…

If you weren’t just ready to puke at the pap being broadcast in this lovely Biblical tale of a young man who discovers his identity and decides to go to war to conquer his peoples’ enemies in the Holy Land…. oops, wait a minute, this isn’t the story of David after all, but some Palestinian kid who finds god while his voiceless mother does whatever voiceless women do in Islamic Arabia, not that I’d know: being kaffir*, they mostly don’t talk to lil’ ol’ me**….

Oh yeah. After all this setup getting himself into the Intifada after the strangely Nazi-like Israeli troops kill his parents and brother for no apparent reason, half a dozen guys with automatic weapons and grenades go on “a very difficult and dangerous mission,” and, from a nearly perfect ambush position, get their asses killed taking down two deuce-and-a-half trucks and a Korean-war-era Jeep. Except of course, for the great-hero recruiter, who is nowhere to be seen amongst the bodies, and will reappear in next week’s turgid episode, recruiting some other poor gullible kid to get killed supporting him in his quest to destroy the Israelis by doing something unspeakable to a goat. And the only reason they manage to take out the bad guy is because his driver somehow manages to violate the laws of physics and hurl his jeep backwards in time and space so that it lands upside down. My old paintball team could do better equipped with nothing but deer rifles.

At which point the next stupid kid picks up the bloody rag and walks off with it into a bleak sunsetted future (oddly appropriate). It’s priceless, all the way through: aggrievement, the setup, the recruitment, the complete failure to achieve anything meaningful except to die, and the glorification of futile death by those who would serve as witnesses.

It’s like Hamas’ version of a Bud Lite commercial, with two camps of forebrain-enabled fans yelling: Fucking stupid! Hopelessly incompetent! Fucking stupid! Hopelessly incompetent!

And yes, these are the same people who invited Al Quaeda to finance their little RPG-armageddon disco-dance number in the Gaza Strip, and are now getting scared because the dipshits among them are abandoning Hamas entirely for being “too soft.” Yeah, Hamas, that’ll help you win against the PA in the upcoming bloodbath civil war.

(Hat Tip: Winds of Change, Thursday Winds of War.)

* Actually, Ayatollah Al-Sistani is on the record as saying that he’s unsure whether or not Christians are kaffir, but that it’s probably best to avoid them anyway.
** I have had some truly wonderful conversations with highly devout Iranian, Turkish, Central Asian and South Asian women. Not once have I been able to so much as get directions to an ATM while literally soaked to the skin in the freezing rain out of an obviously devout Arab lady. WTF?? Are Arab women really so weak that they can’t tolerate *syllables* from males outside of their family?


The Superiority of our Civilization

Not in squishy moral terms for debating among the moonbats. No, I mean true, raw power… radical Islam chooses to attempt the Caliphate with the weapons of its enemies (since they are not capable of developing any technology more recent than WWI without foreign assistance)… and the West’s response?

Develop the technology that forces them to either play on a level playing field (thus getting their asses kicked), or else quit the game.

It’s official (sort of): Video Games make you smarter.

At least, for some definitions of smarter:

‘Players can process visual information more quickly and can track 30% more objects than nonplayers,” says Daphne Bavelier, associate professor of brain and cognitive sciences, and member of the Center for Visual Science ‘Several game players even achieved perfect scores on tests barely doable for non-game players.’

I don’t know about you, but that sounds perfectly reasonable to me… I also know a certain martial artist who has a hell of a time trying to process the visual data she would need to actually defend herself… maybe I should sit her down in front of Medieval Total War and see if she can win the battle of Stirling Bridge…

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