It’s official: Plano and Highland Park suck.

Reading the DMN, locally, schools are opening their doors to transfer students, especially at the elementary level, waiving normal requirements (since all the records that would normally be required are, well, underwater), and otherwise doing their neighborly best to help out…

except for Plano and Highland Park. Plano has said “wait at leasta week,” and Highland Park’s response has effectively been, particularly for the munchkins, “go away.”

On the one hand, it’s unfortunate… but on the other, it’s … typical.

Hey, thanks for confirming those stereotypes, you white-flight Stepford jackasses! Good job!

(If you’re not local, these are the parts of the Dallas metroplex that crinkles their noses at my home of Irving for having too much “white trash” and immigrants.)


Well save us from evil paper cups…

So an unclean kafir touches a cup. The cup is shipped to the faithful. The faithful touch the cup. The faithful become unclean. The filipino guy working there has no clue… oh, save us from disaster, as we track down this source of unholy Israeli paper cups!

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