Carnival of the Optimists #19: Radical Assessments

The blue futon, or the tan one? And which wicker chair?
My wife and I made the pilgrimage to IKEA, which is nearly a religion in Europe, but pretty new here in Dallas… and her eyes sparkled at simply seeing some styles of furniture that she’d completely missed since she let me drag her back to this country… of course, the question is: where to put that good stuff?

Welcome to the Carnival of the Optimists.

Good News:

No Good News submissions for this week? Come on, I know that SOMETHING good happened out there… no good news is too small.


Ze’ev at Israel Perspectives holds strong opinions regarding the recent withdrawal from the Gaza Strip… but disagrees wildly with the “Never forgive, never forget” signs he’s been seeing. He has a different slogan.

Harvy at Bad Example has 10 suggestions for the overworked. Nope, ain’t gonna spill da beans.

Spending lots of effort, but not getting anywhere? Steve Pavlina suggests that you figure out Your Superpower and your Kryptonite


This is another one of those “under the radar” technological leap… nanotube capacitors. Putting out seven times the power of a conventional capacitor, pound for pound, this is directly applicable to the hybrid/electric and hydrogen vehicle industries. Necessary if we’re going to start saving our oil for plastics, rather than for fuel. You like what you see in Star Wars and other scifi shows? Muh of it we can create already, or know how we would…. but we can’t power it. So, if you, like me, have been wondering where your hovercar is… it’s waiting in the wings for technology like this.

And that’s it, folks! Catch you next week!

This Carnival has never grown past two or three regular submitters, and has a quite small circle of readers, judging by my logs. Is it still of interest? Let me know, otherwise next week will be its last run.

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