Farting wetlands will doom us all…

or, so says The Guardian, concerning siberian permafrost that’s about to be perma-bassfishing country. Apparently all these old peat bogs have… well, peat in them, and they contain methane, and now we’ll all die.

Silly Guardian, we’re not going to die of global warming and its tipping points. We’re going to keel over from Bird Flu at the local El Pollo Loco…. get your hysteria straight, mon!


EU to Iran: You have three weeks to stop producing nukes, or we’ll pout at you.

You’d think these theoretically-sophisticated people would get it: diplomacy is an extension of power politics. I care what the EU thinks, because I’m a nice guy. Dictators and uranium-producing terror sponsors, on the other hand, want to know how many divisions you have.

This is getting interesting, though. We’ve caught them shipping bombs. One of their militia groups has staged a municipal coup. Their president openly brags about how many suicide bombers he has… sounds an awful lot like “asymmetric warfare” to lil’ ol’ me…

You think we’re moving an armored division from German to Fort Bliss so we have it free to slap these guys silly once they cross the line? You want to bet the collective EU ministers will cry like children presented with the wrong flavor of ice cream when we do? You want to bet anybody with an actual stake in the game will care?

Useful Idiot collects her fifteen minutes of fame

Just in case you’ve missed it, let’s all have a moment of silence for this poor benighted woman, who decided to milk the loss of her (clearly morally superior) son as an excuse to engage in politically correct hoo-ha outside the President’s ranch. Makes me wonder who raised the boy to have enough morals to step up and lay it on the line as a soldier. Sure wan’t this woman, who’s been reading from the “Gore really won” playbook since the publicity started… and trying to milk her son’s death to score cheap political points.

When will these asshats learn that as soon as they’re no longer useful, the media will drop them like a hot rock? And shiv them in the kidney if that helps their bottom line?

Fortunately, what they haven’t learned is that politically b.s. like this drives their own poll numbers down like a balloon tied to an anvil, since most thinking Americans are able to do the moral math when it comes to “posturing for peace” versus taking out tyrants and splutching asshat baby-killing religious freaks.

Just in case anybody wonders why “New York” is a pejorative term…

NYC is now planning to try to ban trans-fats in its restaurants… “you don’t want to tell people what they can’t eat,” says one waitress.

Well, guess what, Virginia? Yes they do….

Let’s face it. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is crap, an industrial-age manufactured food substitute. But then again, last time I checked, fruit juice containing 80% corn syrup is crap, too, and all sorts of folks enjoy drinking that. Many of those people will probably outlive me.

But it’s so much easier to worry about what people are eating than trying to solve some of the City’s real problems, like unsafe nightmare schools, and a rent-control-fueled housing situation, that in the words of the Wall Street Journal last year, makes it “economically irrational” for a member of the middle class to try to have a career and retire there.

Nevertheless, I’m sure the next transplanted New Yorker I bump into down here in Texas will somehow try to convince me that he’s somehow more sophisticated than all his fellow economic refugees from tax-ridden, corrupt “opportunity-free zones” such as Lagos, Addis Ababa, and the State of California…

UPDATE: Yes, I’m aware that there are really cool folks upstate. man, do I feel sorry for you guys. Maybe you could, I don’t know… engineer a political coup or something in the State House?

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