More geekitudes (since Jim requested it…)

a) Boy my knees hurt. Stretching is evil, I tell you.
b) Yellow glove test rapidly approaching at the end of the month.
c) I have finally tracked down a tannery willing to do the rawhide-center tan I need to faithfully reconstruct Joe Skeesick’s armor work in England… and said tannery is, thankfully, willing to veg-tan my horsehides for me. So soon I should be able to do a recreation of the “farsetti di cordovano” that Matteo Villani describes the Cumans wearing… a 4-ply horsehide caftan modeled after Cuman sculpture.
d) and in my down time or movie-watching time, I’m needle-felting Squeak’s rough felt into shape. Check the Lizard Queen.


Archery Update

Somebody send me three dozen shafts, spined for 80 pounds at 30 inches, with target heads, and no fletchings, okay?

[fake sigh]Oh, well….

I am finally getting to where I can almost shoot reliably with my war bow. It’s a pain keeping the bow completely motionless on the draw, especially since my ribs haven’t quite gotten the strength and endurance they need for drawing the bow consistently. (That’s right, Virginia… guess what happens if you “lay your body in the bow” and draw to the chest? You draw from the strength of the torso… )

But when I can actually keep good form, I’m rubbing shafts, and putting them, if not onto my target (currently a 4″x8″ piece of junkmail from AmEx), close to, and my only serious vertical deviations are from bad releases.

I’m not ready for bow-hunting yet, especially given that I’m backyard shooting at 20′. But if my hundred-shafts-per-day program keeps up, I should hopefully be forced to back up another 10′ soon in order to preserve the fletchings on my shafts.

In other words, go me!

And, if that last bit of news wasn’t good…

how’s a bunch of Kuwaitis shouting down an Imam’s hate speech? Something good said about America in a mosque? Will wonders never cease…

… now if we can only get the Salafists out of all the bright, shiney new mosques that the Saudis are busy building here in the US.

Weird. Zarqawi’s smoking something…

if he thinks that any newly formed “Omar” regiment is going to successfully take down the Badr brigades…

But you know, I dont’ recall who said it first, but never get in the way of your enemy while he is destroying himself. (Clausewitz?) If Zarqawi wants to turn Iraq into a serious red-on-red zone by pitting the Wahhabi jihadists against the largest Iranian-backed Shia militia outside of Hezballah… go for it, Zarqawi. We’ll see what happens to you when Hiz starts assassinating your jihadis as they pass through Syria and Lebanon…

Salafists/Wahhabists growing in power in Balkans

…from Jihad Watch. I wouldn’t normally link it, if I hadn’t seen women in Galgamacsa (Hungary) wearing full-out birkas.

Have to keep an eye on this one. If the Saudis manage to take control of the Balkans’ mosques, then the normally laid-back character of the region is going to change, and for the worst, fast.

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