Take THAT, o ye minions of Kyoot!

Kai discovers the hay bales…

And what’s this business about dog tired?


Carnival of the Optimists #12: A blaze of glory

I’ll give you ten guesses what my favorite holiday is. Or, at least one on the real short list.

I mean, look at it. Who couldn’t like that?

Well, I suppose there’s some Grumpy Gus out there who thinks it’s a complete waste of time… but this blog isn’t for them…

Welcome, to the Carnival of the Optimists.

So, what’s Good News this week?

Well, Kevin over at Technogypsy got his bowl done, and trust me boys and girls, it’s a beaut. Father’s Day Dinner grilled by young boys ain’t bad, either. Aside from that, he’s getting in lots of quality time with the boys. Definitely the most fun you can have with a .50-caliber rifle….

I’m not sure how to categorize the next one. First off, the site’s definitely not work-safe. Or kid-safe. It’s a borderline submission… but David’s idea is funny, and a sweet idea put in satire, for how to spruce up (pun intentional) your I-Pod…

Bad Example, on the other hand, has a lovely suggestion for getting rid of all that loose change: tip the pizza boy. (Lively discussion in comments). Makes sense… he’ll probably get a lot more in silver than he might in bills, and won’t have to sweat making change, either. Let me tell you as a former waiter, sweating the change happens….

Bill Adams over at Idler Yet, has a total change of pace… simply rejoicing in an upcoming movie. I won’t spoil it… but it’s a definite “trailer yay.” I gotta admit, trailers are half the fun of going to the movies for me. (Though I can get muy snarky watching them, too.)

And, these fireworks don’t quite look like photo torpedos, but the ever-thought-provoking Steve Pavlina has lessons from Star Trek.

Progress this week is a little schizo.

For starters, when it comes to breaking records, I just can’t help posting the Big Fish story of the One that Didn’t Get Away. Oh, my. That’s one hell of a fish fry…

otherwise, via those bright boys and girls at MIT, and particularly, a fantastic guy named Dustin Williams, have developed something just ridiculously cool: robots to help stroke patients walk.

That might even be worth not yet having my hovercar….

That’s all for this week, folks. Keep ’em coming, and remember, this is a progressive if anybody would like to take a crack at hosting it.

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