You know…

it’s stories like these that make me just how apropos the word “evil” can be.

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  1. Autumn

     /  June 23, 2005

    You know, just reading reports like this, it seems to me that the terrorists are not only a bit cowardly (come on, we’re gonna blow up SICK people now? Ohh, difficult) but are also a bit hipocritical. They don’t want women to have any power or rights, but it is fine and well to let them sign up for suicide missions? Seems to me, if these suicide runs were the big honor they are trying to get everyone to believe they are, they wouldn’t LET women do it because, from what I understand (and I could be way off) if you do a suicide mission against the enemy you automatically get a free pass into heaven in their system. Seems to me that the men would be lining up for it and the very fact that they are letting women, who, from everything I can gather, are basically second rate citizens IF that, negates the claim that this is the “honor” they are trying to pass it off as. Jerks.


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