Talk about needing your hand held…

Talk about needing your hand held…
In a moment of boredom, I took Tickle's I.Q. test… now, I ain't proud of it, but like I said, I was bored, right? So, I fill all this stuff out, and it comes back with 133, and I'm a "Visionary Philosopher" (hollow dramatic announcer voice here).


How much sunshine does Tickle think I really need pumped up my butt this fine Thursday afternoon? I mean, it may all be about the "vision" thing… wait a minute, they might be right! I could start visioning, say, like, a really good tomato, and some ham… you can make a really good sandwich with ham… and then, um, some lettuce, and a bun… no, not a bun, how about one of long rolls like you get at Subway, only mine wouldn't be any of those wussy breads, but just straight-up pumpernickel…olives, italian dressing, sweet peppers, and maybe a pickle on the side, hold the fries… mmmmmmm…but then, I'm thinking, I'd have to find a philosophy to match, and who needs a philosophy just to have a sandwich? I'm telling you, it's bad enough that I have to go clicking all these little circles so Tickle can tell me how wonderful I am, now I have to come up with a philosophy of sandwich?

So, like, if I take a sandwich, and a steak, I serve the greater good by eating a Big Mac? Man, if this is Hegel's ultimate synthesis, why couldn't Tickle have just like sent me a burger coupon or something?And don't start about the fruit-flavored beers: I've already seen all the pink lemonade I need to see this week.Thank you.

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  1. Stuart

     /  June 25, 2012

    Hey Happycrow,
    The most recent comment on your article, the “The two faces of Rape”, is by Marc MacYoung, one of the most respected self-defence instructors in the world.
    If I wrote something that got noticed and commended by a noted authority on that particular subject, I’d like to know. So now you do.
    Apologies if you already knew who he was, or if this reads like some sort of sycophantry-by-proxy.

  2. Stuart

     /  June 25, 2012

    Yeah, I was trying to hide the comment since it wasn’t really relevant to anything, but the widget in the sidebar kinda works against me.


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