CNN regains its old 90s title

Remember when CNN didn’t stand for hopelessly incompetent lies told straightfaced to the camera by Kristian Amanpour, but rather “Corruption, Nausea, and Nonsense?”

Michelle Malkin (yes, I know, but she’s on it, so…) has got a more advanced description of last night’s shenanigans than is floating around elsewhere.

Sticking a campaign activist into the debate is only a taste of what happens with CNN when a Clinton’s available.  Scandal after tasteless, tacky, tawdry, puerile scandal.And, besides the fact that she’s so class-less as to abuse her Secret Service detail, this is why I, who am pretty much going to stay home on next election night, will instead crawl naked over broken glass in order to vote against another eight years of Clinton-managed scandal-of-the-week.

Russia perfects Democracy

Pakistani-style democracy, that is…

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